What’s Behind Biodynamics?

We are excited to be shipping Helene’s citrus because of its amazing flavor. It truly is some of the best citrus of the year. Helene’s fruit is so good because it is grown biodynamically. This is a form of agriculture that goes beyond simply farming organically by focusing on the soil.

The underlying principal of biodynamic farming is to feed the soil rather than feeding the plants. By adding organic matter to the soil, the growing plants can absorb nutrients more effectively. The result is very high quality produce, healthy land and livestock, and a way to avoid environmental problems that occur from many other forms of agriculture.

A biodynamic farm uses all-natural methods of enriching the soil. Some of these methods include manuring, cover cropping, rotating crops, and a special kind of composting. A biodynamic farm composts essentially everything that is degradable. Applying special preparations made of certain herbs to the compost pile ensures the soil is full of nutrients.

Begun by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s, biodynamic agriculture essentially works with the land and its natural process to maximize the growing potential and health of the land. Helene’s citrus fruit is grown using biodynamic methods, and it is clear from the quality of the fruit that the methods work. The flavor is simply unbeatable. Order your mixed in-season box today.

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