Citrus Fights Seasonal Depression

Now that the holidays are long gone, we’re all looking forward to spring. Groundhog Day is February 2, and we all know that once the groundhog sees his shadow he’ll be scared back underground for six more weeks. And that means six more weeks of winter. As spring fever starts to set in, seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder) can really take hold. Luckily there are several good ways to combat these doldrums and stay positive during the last weeks of winter.If you ever peeled an orange or grapefruit, you know how the bright, sweet smell can be uplifting. Eating a piece of citrus fruit for breakfast every day is a great way to wake up your senses, and starting your day with all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in citrus will keep your immune system strong. Even keeping a little bowl of citrus on the table can help your seasonal depression; not only does it make a cheerful centerpiece, but you can get a whiff of the sweet smell every time you pass by.

Staying healthy is key to fighting seasonal depression. Citrus fruits and apples are high in Vitamins A, B and C, as well as potassium and other antioxidants. Eating these foods replenish the nutrients your body loses from stress and illness. This is a great way to keep your body healthy and fight off the blues at the same time.

Paying attention to your daily eating habits is another great way to deal with seasonal depression. Low blood-sugar is often associated with feeling crabby and tired; refined carbohydrates and concentrated sources of sugar like soda, candy, white bread and crackers are broken down very quickly, causing rapid spikes and dips in your blood sugar. Instead, stick to foods like fruit and vegetables that are metabolized more slowly and do not drastically change your blood sugar. Eating every four to five hours also prevents big dips in your blood sugar levels, as well as giving your body a consistent source of fuel throughout the day. Fiber helps slow down your body’s absorption of sugar, which helps stabilize blood sugar and mood swings.

Getting up and moving is a fantastic way to avoid seasonal depression. Not only is regular exercise great for your health, it also releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel better about yourself. With regular exercise, you will start to feel more energized. Do something fun, like taking a walk with family or neighbors, going ice skating, or having a snowball fight.

These simple tips are great ways to stay positive and healthy as we start the slow progression toward spring. Make it even easier on yourself by ordering citrus fruits from FruitShare™ – we can deliver your boxes of high-quality organic citrus right to your door every week, so fighting off seasonal depression and making healthy choices is as easy as opening up the box of sunny citrus.

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