Pesticides may cause ADHD

You probably know that non-organic produce is grown using pesticides and that the chemicals aren’t good for you. There are all kinds of competing studies out there that argue about the effect of pesticides on your health. A new study that appeared in the journal Pediatrics last year found that children exposed to higher levels of certain pesticides found on conventionally-grown produce are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The study found that children with higher-than-normal levels of a common pesticide residue were about twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. In the past, the pesticides known as organophosphates have been connected to behavioral and cognitive problems in the past. These studies focused on farm workers and other high-risk communities that may have had more direct contact with the chemicals.

The new study has begun to research the effects of the pesticides on the wider population. That the chemicals would have negative effects on humans is only logical; the purpose of organophosphates is to target the nervous system to kill pests. Lead author of the research, Maryse Bouchard, says the pesticides act on the brain chemicals that are closely related to those that cause ADHD.

While a direct link between organophosphates and ADHD is difficult to prove conclusively, the study has begun to connect the pesticide to the disorder. There clearly seems to be some kind of relationship between the chemical and the development of ADHD, especially since about 6 in 10 children had a higher-than-normal concentration of pesticides and were found to be almost twice as likely to have ADHD compared to children with average levels of chemical concentration.

Long-term studies are clearly necessary to firmly link ADHD diagnoses and exposure to pesticide residues. However in the mean time, think about switching to organic produce to protect yourself and your family. Organic produce is grown without chemical pesticides and herbicides, so they provide a safe option for healthy eating while avoiding the potential dangers of harmful chemicals. All fruit from FruitShare™ is certified organic. Go to our website and order today to begin receiving your shipments of fresh organic fruit.

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