What’s the Deal with CSAs?

Lately there has been an increase in buzz about CSAs. Even though they’ve been around for years, CSAs are just now becoming a more popular option for those of us who like to get fresh, local, organic food.

So what exactly is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a great way for you to buy fresh, organic vegetables straight from a local farmer. Farmers offer a certain number of “shares” of the produce they will be growing in the up-coming season. You can buy a share (or less – often times half-shares or other options are also available) of these vegetables by paying the farmer a certain amount and then picking up your boxes of fresh-picked produce on certain days of the week.

An important part of CSA membership is the idea of shared risk; sometimes there are unforeseen problems with farming, which may include drought, flooding or pest infestations. This is part of what fosters the sense of community in CSAs – you are all taking part in something together, sharing in the triumphs and losses of each season.

Most CSA farms encourage their members to visit the farm each season to see how their produce is grown, and some even put on seasonal events for their members or ask members to help farm for a day. It is fun to know your farmer and exactly which field your vegetables came from. Basically, the driving idea behind CSAs is to foster a health, integrated community that is invested in the land.

Since FruitShare™ currently offers only a variety of fruit, we strongly encourage you to research and participate in a CSA near you to continue supporting family farmers and always have the very best produce around.

Like CSAs, FruitShare™ is designed to support farmers who are committed to doing the right thing: growing fruit that is organic and sustainable. Because the long winters in Minnesota make it difficult to grow many varieties of fruit, FruitShare™ has developed close relationships with family farmers all over the United States and created the most efficient transportation methods. Imported and conventionally grown fruit is often stored for months before it even makes it to the supermarket – not so with FruitShare™.  While all of the fruit from FruitShare™ is not necessarily local, you are supporting organic family farms throughout the country who are growing their fruit the right way.

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